Hello Everybody!   I   am really  excited because on the 6th   of May  I am being Confirmed!

In case you do not know,  Confirmation is the last of the  three sacraments of initiation  to become a fully matured Christian.   It is very important   and the Candidates  all dress up really nicely and the Choir sings beautifully  and  the Candidates have to have a Sponsor, ( who is someone who they can talk to about their problems) and they make sure that they have had their souls cleaned by the sacrament of Reconciliation so that we are the best we can be for God.


Can I please ask you to  pray for all  the people who are making the sacrament of Confirmation.   Thank you


hoping to hear from you soon,               – Molly




Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!

Happy 2017!  this year I have resolved to make more blog posts ( because lets face it, last year I kind of forgot)

did I mention that I’m in year 6 now !


wishing you all the best for what looks like an amazing year!

–    Molly


Week 8 Term 4

Hello Everybody!

Week 8 has been very exciting, with CRAZY weather on Monday, ( it was 38 degrees!)  to the  amazing abstract art we did yesterday,  this week has been chock-a-block full of fun and exciting new experiences.




Random acts of kindness

Have you ever had that feeling when somebody says  or does something that makes you feel really good ? ,

well today  somebody at my school simply said hi to me and it made me feel really good,

have you ever had a similar experience?   if you have please write a comment!


By   Molly

Term 3 reflection

Hello bloggers!,

I am sorry that I have not posted for a while but I have been very busy!

I have learned about the three levels of government and I now know that Local governments look after safety issues, rubbish collections, and pet control, now  I also know that State governments raise money from taxes and use the money on roads, health and services, Federal government’s  look after immigration, defence, and foreign matters.

And I have also been learning about other things too, Did you know that when baby elephants are upset or  agitated they throw a temper tantrum and bury their head in the ground? well it is true!Image result for angry baby elephant

My Poem!

Little bird, Little bird what do you see?

“I can see a very fuzzy  bumble bee!”

Little bird, little bird were is he?

“Why he is hovering near my tree!”

Little bird, little bird PLEASE watch out! I just saw a fox there slinking about!

” It’s OK he doesn’t scare me! he´s down there and I’m in this tree   ”

Little bird little bird fly away! I see a little boy coming our way!

My Alphabet Holiday!

Hi everyone!   Here is  an A-Z  of my holiday! ( I only skipped O and  V !)

I had an amazing but busy holiday. My family and I went to Castlemaine among other places.

We did lots of things like eating chocolate eggs for Easter, and going to a football match

(Bulldogs against Fremantle), it was a great win! It was my first football game for the holidays.

My brother and I also caught up with Jake and Max. Then I had a play date with Kirra who had helped to find her sister Erin who had gotten lost! My family stayed home and I got a New build -a -bear with my friends! It was like a mini party! I was quite tired afterwards! I also ate rotten bacon by accident! I saw Star wars 7 again and my family was in tears by the  end! Um,  I saw it with my brother Will, Mum, and Dad, The light-sabers made a xxs noise when they touched anything! Yes anyway, a fly went  into Mum’s lunch and said buzz!


Overall it was a great holiday!     Thank you please comment on my blog!