Welcome to Term 3!

Hello everybody!      I hope you had a great  holiday  and that you have an even better first week back to school,

in my  last post I  briefly talked about having a pet snail for the holidays,  sadly my parents did not let me have one  again so that part of the  post was pretty much just a waste of time.  Anyway  the reason that I am making this post is just to wish you a happy, safe   Term 3 filled with a lot of   hard work and learning ( just kidding)  I hope that you have a happy  Term 3  and that you are safe and healthy.  

Last day of Term !

Hi Everyone!   today is the last day of Term 2 !!   ( and if you are in year 6 this is the last Term 2 in primary school!)

and we have holidays for two weeks! ( but don’t worry I will  still keep you posted through the holidays!)  . Today has been a terrific ending to a great term  filled with lots of fun and  learning, I feel like I have learnt a lot this semester and I am looking forward to next  term. ( but I’m also looking forward to the holidays!)  speaking of the holidays, last holidays I had a pet snail ( yeah,  it’s weird I know)  but sadly Jacques  is not with us any more because he got very sick,  ( R.I.P Jacques)   but  instead, these holidays I am thinking about taking in a different  snail and at the end of the holidays I will return him (or her ) to my garden,  ( provided that my parents let me of course!)   but  I am yet to find a suitable name for my snaily friend, in the comments below,  write what you think I could name my pet snail, ( I will accept boy names and girl names as I  do not know the gender of the snail yet!).   And in  my next post  I will announce the name of my pet snail!

So,  until then, goodbye,

– Molly

What are unicorns?

Hello bloggers,

I know what  all of you are thinking,  yeah, yeah,  it’s another blog post about unicorns by some unicorn obsessed person,  ( and you would be right)       but what is a unicorn?   the dictionary definition is put simply,

” a mythical creature resembling a horse, with a single horn in the center of its forehead: often symbolic of chastity or purity”

But I want to go deeper than that, what is a unicorn really?  unicorns are said to have originated from different parts of Ireland and Asia, but nobody knows for sure, another theory is that unicorns have come from somewhere in space. (it’s unlikely but, hey it could be true!)    along with unicorns, there are many other unicorn-like creatures out there, including ( but not limited to)

  • Pegasus ( magical horses with wings)
  • Pegacorn ( unicorn – Pegasus cross- breed)
  • Pega-pig ( Pegasus – pig combination) and many more.   Many people believe the unicorn to be a myth, but my theory is that unicorns ( and many other supposedly mythical creatures)  existed  in a period of time before human habitation so, up until we came around, the unicorns lived in reasonable comfort, but when humans came into existence, we became too bloodthirsty for our own good, and many poor unicorns were ruthlessly slaughtered  for the good of the greedy, cruel,  ignorant humans , so, over time unicorns have evolved  (  with many little  mistakes along the way, naturally)   to have thicker skin,  and more layers of bone to protect their magical  horn  (and it’s all of it’s properties)  and hey presto,,  you have the rhinoceros!!  ( yes I know that I’m not the first to  support this theory but you can just  imagine that I was the first!)   yes!  ( why do you think poachers and witch doctors  always want rhino’s horns?, because rhino’s are the evolved ( over a few millennia)   – version of unicorns! yes!  version 2.0 of the unicorn race!  but of course,  every theory  has  some people who just refuse   to believe,  ( my apologies to those people)  and of course, if you want to you can just not believe me,  but that’s your choice, seriously, think about it,

well, I think this blog post has been going on for way to long so,  until next time, bye!!


(and  please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on my blog !!!!)



Hello Everybody!   I   am really  excited because on the 6th   of May  I am being Confirmed!

In case you do not know,  Confirmation is the last of the  three sacraments of initiation  to become a fully matured Christian.   It is very important   and the Candidates  all dress up really nicely and the Choir sings beautifully  and  the Candidates have to have a Sponsor, ( who is someone who they can talk to about their problems) and they make sure that they have had their souls cleaned by the sacrament of Reconciliation so that we are the best we can be for God.


Can I please ask you to  pray for all  the people who are making the sacrament of Confirmation.   Thank you


hoping to hear from you soon,               – Molly




Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!

Happy 2017!  this year I have resolved to make more blog posts ( because lets face it, last year I kind of forgot)

did I mention that I’m in year 6 now !


wishing you all the best for what looks like an amazing year!

–    Molly


Week 8 Term 4

Hello Everybody!

Week 8 has been very exciting, with CRAZY weather on Monday, ( it was 38 degrees!)  to the  amazing abstract art we did yesterday,  this week has been chock-a-block full of fun and exciting new experiences.




Random acts of kindness

Have you ever had that feeling when somebody says  or does something that makes you feel really good ? ,

well today  somebody at my school simply said hi to me and it made me feel really good,

have you ever had a similar experience?   if you have please write a comment!


By   Molly

Term 3 reflection

Hello bloggers!,

I am sorry that I have not posted for a while but I have been very busy!

I have learned about the three levels of government and I now know that Local governments look after safety issues, rubbish collections, and pet control, now  I also know that State governments raise money from taxes and use the money on roads, health and services, Federal government’s  look after immigration, defence, and foreign matters.

And I have also been learning about other things too, Did you know that when baby elephants are upset or  agitated they throw a temper tantrum and bury their head in the ground? well it is true!Image result for angry baby elephant